WBA Master Course: Welcome!

The Master Course of the World Brewing Academy, a partnership of Doemens and the Siebel Institute in Chicago, begins on June 6th. The Master Course seamlessly follows the twelve-week "International Diploma Program" and is continued at Doemens as the "Brewing and Malting Master Course". Over the next eight weeks, a total of 23 participants from nine countries will expand their knowledge in the theory and practice of brewing.

The Master Course is marked by in-depth courses and extensive internships. A lot of fun and valuable experience awaits students brewing not only at Doemens’ own instructional and experimental brewery (5 hl) but also on a small scale (50 liters) and with "Sudkraft" ("beer brewing and mixing machine"). The participants continue to profit from educational excursions and also have the opportunity to accumulate practical experience in small brewing facilities (e.g. Riegele, Bierkulturhaus). We will do our best to ensure that all the students find their time at Doemens in Munich-Gräfelfing instructive and stimulating!