The chemical-technical analysis services are employed by the Doemens Laboratory to the areas covered by consulting and also research and development.

These analyses are carried out at Doemens or, with certain special analyses (HPLC, GC, AAS/ICP), are entrusted to competent partners: 

  • wort and beer analyses
  • analysis of raw materials for the production of beer, such as malt, brewing water and hops
  • analysis of raw materials for the production of non-alcoholic beverages (water, beverage bases, etc.)
  • general testing of intermediate and finished products in beverage production
  • analysis of processing aids and operating supplies (e.g. filter aids)
  • special analyses, e.g. determination of the quantities of sweeteners or preservatives in non-alcoholic beverages (by means of HPLC) or of fermentation by-products originating in beer production (using gas chromatography)
  • trace analysis, e.g. determination of minerals and heavy metals with AAS/ICP in different products and at various stages of beverage production
  • pollutant analysis, e.g. determination of nitrosamines in malt

Please refer to our current “Catalog of Services” for prices and the scope of the analyses as well as the required sample sizes.