Doemens Technikum has an experienced sensory analysis panel available for all your quality control needs.

The beer and beverage samples provided for sensory evaluation are tested according to a number of different criteria for sensory analysis. Both descriptive as well as evaluative tests are offered.

The sensory assessment of beer and beverage samples is usually carried out according to Doemens’ testing guidelines. We can also test your beers according to the DLG rating system.

Sensory stability tests, specific searches for possible off-flavors, the organization of preference tests with various consumer target groups as well as addressing other sensory issues round off the scope of services.

Naturally, our consultants are available to provide advice for the set-up and the expansion of your sensory quality assurance program. We also offer support in the form of long-term testing contracts for external sensory quality assurance.

The flavor standards necessary for sensory training are available at Doemens. For more information on this topic, please refer to the “Flavour Standards” rubric.