Currently, automation can be found in an increasing number of small and medium-sized breweries and has quickly become essential to most operations. Therefore, many require independent and competent guidance in this area.

For this reason, Doemens now offers comprehensive services in automation technology.


1. Individual consulting in process control technology

You have specific strategic questions you haven’t been able to ask anyone, simply because you haven’t found the right person yet?

You want to automate equipment or processes or even modernize your existing process control system?

You are looking for individually tailored approaches for meeting the particular challenges you face.


2. Field consultants for planning and commissioning process control systems

You want a second opinion or require an independent observer/consultant, in order to plan and commission your system in an optimal manner.


3. Our own automation solutions

To automate smaller processes, we also offer our own solutions, which includes planning and engineering as well as commissioning.


4. Setting up security systems

When data is lost or there are electrical outages, every area of production can come to a standstill in an extremely short time. In cases like these, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than a cure”.  

Data protection for:

  • PCs used in production
  • SQL servers
  • PLCs

A continuous, reliable source of electrical power for equipment, such as PCs, servers and SPS during electrical power outages, allows them to be shut down with no loss of data and protects them from power surges.


5. Training and seminars

We, of course, also offer training and seminars covering different topics concerning automation, for example:

  • establishing a process control system as well as a plan for servicing and maintenance
  • beginners’ course in “Programming with Simatic S7 in STL”
  • training in the finer points of various process control systems


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