The need for IFS, HACCP and other strategic certification measures have long since been recognized by the more serious mid-size breweries. While it was formerly only the "giants" who aspired to IFS certification in order to meet trade requirements, now more and more small to medium-sized operations are getting on board.

HACCP has been compulsory for some time, but we have noticed that some of our clients still have knowledge gaps, especially with regards to requirement to periodically review HACCP concepts, for example, or to supplement them when new product lines are introduced.Breweries are usually dependent on external support in order to import the required know-how into the company, yet they'd also like to keep certification costs under control.

Here is where Doemens shines: Based on market requirements for certification upgrades, Doemens is now intensifying its advisory activities in this area. It is vital to offer consulting services which are sector-specific. Breweries and beverage companies have several special requirements which are not present in other industries, making it all the more important that such upgrades are supported by a consultant who has already worked in the industry.

Optimal knowledge integration processes developed by Doemens experts and targeted use of customized software ensure cost-saving efficiency in the implementation of certification concepts.


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