Collaborative trials are one of the most important tools in internal and external quality assurance.

Analysis results should be correct, precise and comparable. The performance of one’s own quality assurance laboratory can only be assessed through participation in collaborative trials. As part of these trials, a homogenous sample is tested by as many laboratories as possible, according to the same standardized analysis method. This enables all of the participants to determine the precision and accuracy of their own laboratory by comparison with statistically assessed results. Additionally, participation in collaborative trials facilitates the assessment of the suitability and performance of different analysis methods.

For many years now, Doemens Technikum has provided collaborative trials for the beverage industry. These trials are conducted for beer, wort, soft drinks and mineral water at regular intervals. Participation in the collaborative trial program directed by the Doemens Technikum is open to anyone and does not require membership. For privacy reasons, all laboratories included in Doemens collaborative studies are assigned numbers for identification; therefore, individual participants only receive the number of their own laboratory.


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