Doemens’ Flavour Standards: Efficient sensory assessment training makes sense

Sensory assessment is one of the brewing & beverage world's most important analytical tools. Testing the output of brewing and beverage manufacturing processes from the consumer's perspective simply makes good business sense. But sensory assessment and accompanying technologies must be learned.

Doemens Academy's Flavour Standards provide an excellent tool used to train staff - to sensitize them to unwanted off-flavours on the one hand, but also to help raise their understanding about the nature of desired flavours in a particular product before it rolls out the door. Simplicity in handling is built into our training procedures and, when applied to your own product, allows targeted and efficient on-the-job sensory quality control.

For the past 15 years, Doemens has carried flavour standards that are used in sensory devices and by sommeliers. Now, Doemens’ own flavour standards have been launched. The Doemens Flavour Standards series includes 36 different flavours used to assess beer, waters and soft drinks.

The client can sort the desired flavours as needed for their particular application. A minimum order is 60 euros. The new flavor standards also offer a number of useful advantages: the flavours are packed in liquid form in glass ampoules so the flavour has a longer shelf-life. There is no evaporation of the flavour substances and there is no powder to dissolve before testing can commence. The Doemens Flavour Standards can be directly applied to the samples.