This pilot brewery has been in operation since 1984 and consists of a four-vessel brewhouse plus areas for fermentation, maturation and bright tanks as well as a combination sheet filter for both kieselguhr and sterile filtration.

The 5 hl brewhouse consists of a mash tun, lauter tun, wort/mash kettle and a whirlpool for removal of the hot break material. Every conceivable classic infusion and decoction mashing method is possible with this brewhouse. The wort is boiled at atmospheric pressure by means of heating jackets surrounding the wall of the vessel.   


Fermentation and Maturation

For primary fermentation, two open fermentation tanks and two CCTs are available. Each fermentation vessel is equipped with individual temperature control; therefore, any type of fermentation process (including fermentation under pressure) is feasible. Maturation takes place in horizontal tanks, which are also equipped with cooling jackets and can be individually regulated.



If desired, the beer can be clarified using a 40x40 combination filter. If a secondary filtration is not desired, only the kieselguhr section of the filter is employed. For filtration of pilot batches, a kieselguhr candle filter is available on a laboratory scale.


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