Along with the composition of raw materials and the production techniques, the yeast strain has a significant effect on the quality and character of the resulting beer.

For brewers, the microbiological purity of their yeast strain, consistent yeast quality and strong yeast vitality are essential parameters for quality assurance. Drawing on our many years of experience in the area of yeast propagation and management, we can help you select the optimal yeast strain for your brewing needs.

We provide expertise and support in the following areas:

  • the development of new beer styles
  • in brewing of specialty beers
  • creating a foundation for consistently high quality in yeast propagation facilities at breweries

Our collection of microbes comprises pure cultures of more than 120 top and bottom-fermenting brewing yeast strains, as well as other cultures, such as lactic acid bacteria for biological acidification.

We also offer you the opportunity of entrusting us with a sample of your yeast as a “backup”, in order to maintain and preserve the characteristics of your own proprietary strain.

Slant agar culture 85 € + packaging
Liquid cultures (0.5 l) 105 € + packaging
Liquid cultures (2.5 l) 210 € + packaging
Dry yeast (500 g) 63 € to 95 € (depending on the yeast strain)
Bacterial cultures (500 ml) 105 € + packaging
Bacterial cultures (10 ml) 88 € + packaging

Since each culture is freshly propagated, pure cultures are shipped approximately 14 days after receipt of an order. Furthermore, each culture is tested to ensure that it is free of contamination from beer spoiling microorganisms, in order to guarantee the absolute highest quality.


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