Innovation and Tradition

In 1895, Dr. Albert Doemens wrote in the register of the newly founded First Munich Brewing Academy: "An understanding should be ingrained in the students that practical knowledge, observation and a sharpening of the senses form the essential foundation for a successful career as a brewer." With this vision, Dr. Albert Doemens laid the groundwork for what Doemens has become, a leading light of the international brewing, beverage and food industries.

Milestones in Recent Decades

  • 1965 Establishment of the Doemens School non-profit organization 
  • 1980 Commissioning of the 5 hl pilot brewery and packaging plant for education and research 
  • 1982 The first training program for Beverage Industry Process Manager 
  • 1989 The first training program for Food Industry Process Manager 
  • 1992 Federal accreditation as a technical academy 
  • 1993 The first training program for Beverage Industry Commercial Manager 
  • 2000 Founding of the World Brewing Academy in cooperation with the Siebel Institute of Chicago, USA 
  • 2003 Start of the Internet distance learning program (web-based training in Brewing Technology) 
  • 2004 The first Beer Sommelier training program 
  • 2009 Commissioning of the pilot equipment for filling PET bottles and dispensing beverages 
  • 2012 Founding of the Food and Beverage Development Center 

Since 1965, more than 2000 graduates have received an education from Doemens and are now employed in positions of responsibility in the brewing and beverage industry in more than 80 countries around the world.