Doemens is dedicated to providing client-oriented training and guarantees high quality education.

In order to ensure that we maintain the high level of quality our customers are accustomed to within our broad spectrum of services – independent of the staff members responsible for carrying out individual responsibilities – we are committed to the following fundamental principles:

1. Client-oriented Service
We consider all those involved in our training courses to be clients. Naturally, this includes the course participants but also those contracting our services as well as our business and industry partners who require personnel with the relevant qualifications to meet market demands.

In order to achieve this objective, modern information technology is utilized to determine customer requirements and to communicate this information to all of our staff members. Of particular importance is setting goals, in order to improve all processes within the company.

2. Staff
Staff members must possess the abilities and skills in the form of education, qualifications, and training needed to competently carry out whatever is required to successfully administer our courses and other services. Staff members are assigned to positions in our programs according to their professional and pedagogical training and experience.

New employees are placed alongside experienced staff members until they receive the proficiency necessary to continue on their own. New employees audit the courses as participants. Executive management assesses whether employees are allowed to teach specific topics.

3. Facility and Material Resources
Depending on their purpose and equipment, the classrooms and laboratories are designed to meet modern criteria for adult education in the relevant subject areas and have been tailored to the needs of the respective target groups. The classrooms, laboratories, social areas and sanitary facilities comply with all legal regulations governing the workplace.