Publications in professional trade journals or the daily press

Up close & personal: Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl (Brewing and Beverage Industry International 2017/Vi)/2017 UP CLOSE & PERSONAL
A matter of taste! Sensory descriptions of mineral water diversity (Brewing and Beverage Industriy International, 2017/V)  
Preparing for the Future – Renewal at Doemens (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2017/IV)  
Farewell to a visionary: Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl retires (Brewing and Beverage Industry International, 2017/IV)  
Bottle Conditioning – Undiscovered Territory for New Creations (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2017/I)  
Brewing 101: Occupational Safety in Breweries (Brauwelt International, 2017/I)  
Hops, like sleeping beauty, deep sleep! (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2016/VI)  
Brewing 101: Fruity beers – Tracking the Belgians (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2016/V)  
Brewing 101: A beer, but a fresh one, please (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2016/VI)  
Cider – more than just apple wine (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2016/V)  
A TREMENDOUS PACE: Developing and Internationalizing the Beer Sommelier Course (Brewing and Beverage Industry International, 2016/V)  
Brewing 101: Bottle fermentation – revival of an old technique (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2016/IV)  
Brewing 101: Let’s tap a barrel today (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2016/III)  
ENORME VELOCIDAD - Desarrollo e internacionalización de la formación como sommelier de cerveza (Brewing and Beverage Industry Espanol 2016/III)  
Brewing 101: Cleaning and disinfection (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2016/II)  
Brewing 101: Yeast in breweries (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2016/I)  
Brewing 101: Have a beer – the right way (Brauwelt InternatIonal, 2015/VI)  
Brewing 101: How to find the small creatures that we don’t like (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2015/V)  
Brewing 101: Of small creatures that we like and those that we don’t like (Brauwelt international, 2015/IV)  
A successful start -Doemens collaboration with the Tsingtao Brewery Group (Brewing and Beverage Industry International, 2015/IV)  
Brewing 101: Grandpa knew a thing or two … (BRAUWELT INTERNATIONAL, 2015/III)