2019 - 6th World Championship of Beer Sommeliers

Qualifying rounds

The sixth World Championship of Beer Sommeliers will take place on September 27, 2019 in Rimini, Italy. The number of participants travelling to compete in the WCBS will depend on each country's pre-determined rules for participation at the national competitions. In total, over 80 beer sommeliers from 19 countries are expected, including delegates from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Korea and Brazil.

World Championship sequence of events

The know-how of the participants is tested and evaluated in different rounds. In the pre-selection, solid theoretical knowledge about beer as well as sensory assessment skills in such areas as recognizing beer styles and flavors is expected. In the semi-final knockout round, successful competitors from earlier rounds then present a selected beer before judges and have to prevail in direct comparison against one another.

Those who qualify for the final round will battle before a top-tier jury. Each finalist has to use his/her presentation skills to persuade the experts that they have acquired adequate knowledge of all topics relating to the beer in question. The winner will be crowned the the new World Champion Beer Sommelier.


The jury is composed of prominent personalities from the beer sommelier scene and within the brewing industry:

  • Dr. Christina Schönberger, expert in beer & hop sensors and hop aroma research, Joh. Barth & Sohn
  • Cilene Saorin, Doemens partner of beer sommelier training in southern america and on the iberian peninsula
  • Petra Westphal, Jury member at many international tasting competitions, Exhibition Group Director, Messe München
  • Stephan Hilbrandt, World Champion of Beer Sommeliers 2017
  • Simonmathia Riva, World Champion of Beer Sommeliers 2015
  • Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl, former CEO of the Doemens Academy and founder of beer sommelier training
  • Fabio Nalini, Vice champion of beer sommeliers 2011


Without our loyal and visionary sponsors, organizing and presenting the World Championship of Beer Sommeliers would be impossible. The World Cup receives generous support from the following sponsors, who have dedicated themselves to beer culture and beer diversity. A big thank you:

Principal sponsors


Elisa Raus is the new Beer Sommelier World Champion

Elisa Raus from Germany earned the title World Champion of Beer Sommeliers at the end of September in Rimini. This year, 80 beer sommeliers from 19 nations competed in the competition organized by Doemens Academy. In preliminary rounds, competitors demonstrated their beer knowledge and sensory assessment skills. In the semi-finals, the best 10 beer sommeliers from the preliminary rounds presented a beer to the jurors.

In the final round, the six top competitors presented an unmarked beer to the high-calibre, international jury and to a general audience. Elisa Raus earned this well-deserved acclamation by demonstrating her expert knowledge and having a compelling, on-stage presence.

Elisa Raus from Germany succeeded by giving a persuasive, emotional and rousing beer presentation. She will hold the title for the next two years and be a beer ambassador to the world. Third place went to Michael Friedrich from Germany and second place to Patrick Thomi from Switzerland.