Sommelier School for beer and mineral water

Only in Munich: The first and only Sommelier School worldwide, dedicated to building knowledge about the variety of genuine tastes available in various beers and mineral waters, how they can be paired and presented in an optimal way.

Comprehensive courses – Modular seminars – On-site training sessions – Consultation

Along with its 14-day and 10-day Water Sommelier and Beer Sommelier certification programs, and in an effort to support continued professional development opportunities to the brewing & beverage sector as well as to upscale restaurants and beverage wholesalers, Doemens is also offering shorter courses of instruction as well as seminars addressing topics of interest to industry representatives. We can also customise our educational services to meet your needs here in Gräfelfing or in-house at your own facility. Our Savor Academy team can be made available for consultation and related services at your request

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