World Brewing Academy

In 2000, Doemens Academy and the Siebel Institute of Technology, located in Chicago, U.S.A., founded the WORLD BREWING ACADEMY (WBA)

World Brewing Academy courses have been designed to cover the broad spectrum of brewing science, theory and technology, from basic level courses to advanced. Courses are conducted at the educational facilities in Chicago, with exception of the International Diploma and Master Brewer. These two advanced programs are dual-campus, split between Chicago and Munich. The WBA also offers the industry's best and most complete web-based training courses to date.

Campus-based Courses:

  • Concise Course in Brewing Technology (14 days; intermediate level, Chicago campus) 
  • Advanced Brewing Theory Program (6-weeks; advanced level, Chicago campus) 
  • International Diploma in Brewing Technology Program (12-weeks; advanced level, dual-campus)
  • Master Brewer Program (20-weeks; advanced level, dual-campus)

Web-based Courses: 

  • Executive Overview of the Brewing Process (continuing education; basic level) 
  • Concise Course in Brewing Technology (intermediate level) 
  • Advanced Brewing Theory Program (advanced level)


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